Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Postcards Exchange
I send therefore I receive.

Besides swap-bot, which I will detail in a later post, Postcrossing is my favorite place to send and receive mail with. You simply sign up making sure you have your mailing address right don't forget to double check just in case. You wouldn't want your postcards going to the neighbor's house!
Once you've signed up, click send a postcard on the left sidebar. This will give you an address to the next person in line to receive some mail. If you're more into letter writing they encourage writing letters as well. Personally I do prefer letters but I love seeing all of the pictures on the postcards.
When I first started to do Postcrossing I would send a postcard with a little greeting and my address in case the recipient would want to write  me back. Now, I just about the postcard and why I chose it. What's really nice is that sometimes I'll get postcards written in German, my second language and sometimes I'll write my postcards in German to a German speaker. It helps me gain confidence to the language.
If you want to join, click on the hightlighted links or go to my right side bar and click on "Postcrossing".
Happy Postcrossing everyone!


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