Saturday, December 25, 2010

The After Christmas Thank You Note

If you haven't already considered writing out thank you notes to all of those that made your day merry and bright, I urge you to do so. Not only because it's nice getting things in the mail but because it's a nice to show our appreciation of one's thoughtfulness. Not only can you write thank you notes to people who gave you physical gifts but to those who attended your Christmas dinner.
Start your thank you note with the date written out fully: December 24, 2010
The a greeting: Dear Aunt May,
Express your gratitude: Thank you for the pink fuzzy slippers.
Discuss the use: It gets very chilly in the winter here, a these nice slippers will surely be used. They're so cozy I wish I could wear them everywhere.
If you do not like the item don't lie. Find something that's nice about them and leave it at that.
If it's money allude to how you're going to spend it but don't itemize: It will be a great help when I purchase my new toaster.
Mention the past and allude to the future: It was great to see you at Christmas! I'll be looking forward to seeing you at New Year's!
Thank them again: Thanks again for the slippers.
Regards: Love,
Signature: Rachel
Your note should look like this:
December 25, 2010
Dear Aunt May,
Thank you so much for the pair of pink fuzzy slippers. They'll be perfect for the when they house gets cold. They'll surely keep my piggies toasty! It was great seeing you at Christmas and I'll be looking forward to seeing you in the new year! Thanks again for the slippers.
Lots of love,

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