Friday, December 17, 2010

Letter from Reanna

The penpal that I correspond with most is my co-worker, Reanna. When you work the 4-8 cashier shift you need to talk to someone. Her and I quickly became friends. Back in October, when I started to write letters again, I asked her for her mailing address at college.
Although her letters are short and sweet, they give me a nice break in the day to think "Not everyone writes long letters like you do". Most of the time her letters are one page of plain computer paper, and sort of cold feeling. Needless to say, her Christmas present will be assorted sheets of stationery.
For a few weeks she's home on break and working with me again which will be welcomed but I sort of will miss looking forward to receiving a letter.

This letter was in my mailbox today from Reanna.


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