Sunday, August 7, 2011

Old Ways

I'm a big fan of swap bot and recently I've partaken in a self mailing letter swap in which you do not use an envelope but fold the letter up.
Here's the problem. Even if it's an introduction letter I still like to write at least two pages. I could use two sheets and fold them together but it would  be bulky and unattractive. Instead, I did a little research and found that some people use to write on top of their writing because the recipient paid for the weight of the mail. Here's my attempt.
Hopefully, the recipient will be able to read it.


Limner said...

Hey! Mrs. Duffy and I have tried letter crossing, too. It's not working well. It's our modern inks and paper. I had the bright idea of writing to her on the thinnest paper on hand: tracing paper. Yours looks easier to read.

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