Sunday, August 21, 2011

Going Back to School

After two years out of high school and being nearly bored to death despite working part time, I've decided to pursue my dream of a history major. Starting Wednesday I will be going to school full-time, but I am only taking 12 credits to start out. I will also still be working part time with hours that I already have (Monday & Friday 4-8 and Thursday & Saturday 4-8).Now here's the kicker. I got suckered into helping a local girl scout troop go camping and go on trips. I must be crazy or just really tired of doing nothing most of the day. No worries though to those who correspond with me! I'll absolutely will still be writing letters but on a much slower pace that what I've previously been doing (it was pretty much you send me a letter and the next day I had a reply in the mail). At first I was disappointed that I may not be able to keep up with my current pace but then again...the lengthy time  will make for more interesting and longer letters. See, everyone wins!


countrydirt said...

Great decision Rachel! I'm pulling for you. Just don't take a leaky fountain pen on the first day!

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