Sunday, July 24, 2011

Inmate Penpals

I read and article in the Sandbook magazine and instantly became interested. For some time now I've been dancing around wanted to have an inmate penpal but the article helped me a lot with choosing the right one.
I wanted some close to my age but searching provided nearly impossible. So I just found a few women that would be possible penpals and narrowed it down to one. I may take on a couple more after I see how this one goes.
A few things went into consideration before I decided.
1) Where does the person live? Since I no longer have a PO box this was very important for me
2) What as their crime? The one I considered was imprison for 2nd degree murder. Maybe sometime I will venture into it but theft is all I will deal with at the moment.
3) How long is their sentence? For right now, the longer the better.
The lady I choose is in for life for a robbery. I have not intention on mentioning it to her or asking anything about it. Why should she have to relive her mistake? If she feels like she wants to, well it's totally up to her.
I'm glad that I read the list of things that I can and cannot send.
Items you CAN send:

• Postal Stamps (Limit of 40 Stamps)
• Photos (there is a limit of 20 pictures, no polaroids)
• Greeting cards (No larger than 8x10)
• Letters 
• Magazines and paperback books- must be shipped directly from the vendor
• Money Orders -(made out to the inmate, with ALL inmate info included.)
• Anything on the “Approved” vendor list, on each vendor’s website 
• JPay Transfer

Items you CANNOT send:

• Pens/Pencils
• Binder Paper
• Envelopes
• Frontal Nudity Photos or Polaroids
• Phone Calling Cards
• Stickers, Tape, or Glue 
• Glitter
• Anything Wire, Metal, or Plastic “Spiral” Notebooks
• Cash 
• Photos larger than 8x10

Has anyone else considered an inmate penpal or already has one?


Julie said...

That's interesting! I've been thinking about writing to inmates for a while...

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