Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter to Austria

I love it when I receive letters and want to immediately reply. I received such a letter today. If I could I would fly to Vienna now. It sounds so lovely! The more I learn about European countries that more I want to visit them. I had my reply to Eva in the matter of a few hours, including interruptions, and decorated the plain white envelope with some cool fabric tape that I found for $1.25 for four decent sized rolls.


LisavVi said...

Where did you get the USPS airmail labels? Great blog!

Rachel B. said...

I get them from my post office. I hear that they are hard to get but I never have a problem getting them. The last time I asked my post office for them they gave me a whole stack.

LisavVi said...

Thanks Rachel. I'll try my post office and see. Maybe I'll get lucky too!

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