Saturday, February 5, 2011


Help! I'm under a pile of clutter!
How did I let it get so disorganized? My desk space and my whole room is just a mess. Pretty pieces of notepaper swaps, postcards, and other random stuff is all over my room. This is most likely the cause of my bad moods lately and a few late swaps. Hopefully in the next few posts I can show you how I organize my stuff but before then I need something better in place. Until then, how do you organize your writing supplies?


PostMuse said...

I have the old "place for everything and everything in its place" system. My incoming mail is put into a wooden sorter, I keep all my pens in a couple of small zipper pouches, my current outgoing (I prep all my outgoing in advance) is in a large document wallet, my postage (I keep about $100 on hand all the time) is in a smaller document wallet that has separate compartments for the denominations, and my iPhone (and computer) has my address book with the addresses of the 7680 people I have sent something to in the last 4 years along with a short description of what I sent and when I sent it. I carry my pens, outgoing wallet and postage wallet in a tote du jour whenever I leave the house so I'm always prepared to write, and I've always got everything handy in one place when I want to write at home.

I tend to be over the top on organizing my mail.

Anonymous said...
I was just reading your post whilst in the middle of organizing my own house. its an early spring clean as i call it :)
i just got 2 plastic bins for my letters that click together and it is easily portable. i put in coming mail in it plus my stamps and stationery supplies. I'll add a picture so you can see on my blog.
hope you can get on top of it. makes you feel better for doing so.
love Ria

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