Saturday, January 7, 2012

I don't ignore reader mail!

I'm still plugging a long with writing my letters and no new ones have showed up at my door today.
Thank goodness.
I have just four my to write and it's time to play the waiting game. A letter that I'm currently working on is to a Mr. Donavan. He writes that he is fascinated by my choice of major. Of course I've tossed around other ideas for majors and even considered becoming a chef (and has become Plan B), but history is my true passion. There's not a day that goes by that I wish I could time travel to 18th century England and meet all of the authors I read last semester. And there is not a year I do not yearn to dress up in a ridiculous costume, head to the Renaissance Faire, and immerse myself in the fantasy. Letter writing aids in this fantasy. Just by writing letters makes me feel apart of history and knowing what I write will be cherished by the receivers, and, perhaps, it too will become a part of history. All of our letters will become apart of history. When archeologist excavate our homes centuries from now, they'll find little memories of the past. A little part of us.


Ruby Claire said...

Sometime we get help from unknown mails as well.

Sales letter

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your time travel dream also includes plans for dealing with 18th century hygiene issues. The romance of rotting teeth, unwashed bodies, fleas..... ugh!

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