Saturday, October 1, 2011

Backed Up

Currently, my mail gets even more backed up, day after day. I have 13 letters waiting to replied to. I have a letter from late August to reply to yet. I thought I had replied to it, but I'm not sure. So here's my goal. A letter written every other day just to try and keep things flowing. No mass mail outs because it gets overwhelming when everything comes back at once!
Things are going well. Better than I expected. One thing that I'm oddly having trouble in is my English writing class. Three essays have received a C or C- and one B+. He's a tough prof but I'll get through it. You all of you that correspond with me, you know that my spelling and grammar are atrocious! I'm meeting fantastic people and making some good friends, two of which I've made in strange ways. The drive down there every other day kills me, though, but I have a college that I want to transfer to lined up.
And who would think that the bookstore would have some nice stationary?


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