Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily Mail: Incoming Hold onto your pants Batman!

I started checking my mailbox twice a week so it doesn't get too stuffed, hasn't yet but you never know. I was surprised to see four letters! Yes four! Usually they come one at a time and I reply to them that way but four. I glanced at the pile and wondered "What on earth did I get myself into?" but I know that it'll take me no time at all  to reply to them.
Which brings me to another question. What do I do if there's really nothing to say? They didn't ask me any questions and have stuck to the same topics as the previous letters. It seems mundane to keep talking about the same topics. I'm not really much of a leader but a followers so I guess I need to take the reigns and stear them to other interesting topics. But I don't want to keep doing that all the time.
Now the even bigger problem. Who do I write to first?


PostMuse said...

I know we are supposed to make our letters about the recipient, not about ourselves, but sometimes that is hard, especially when the recipient has not given us much about themselves to write about. Find a topic for the day ... something very specific to the day, and just write about it. Like a teacup that caught your fancy. I find that sometimes picking one silly little topic to write about opens the floodgates and the return letter has all sorts of wonderful details.

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