Monday, November 29, 2010

Where to Get Letter Sets?

You don't notice them until you start looking. Trust me. You'll find them in the most unlikely of places. Here's a few places to look.
Walmart-in the section with the cards
Borders-you can find really nice Paperchase brand letter sets. They're normally located at the back of the store
Barnes and Noble- they have a nice set with 100 sheets and 50 envelopes for $15. I'm not sure about the quality
Hallmark Stores-they carry two different folios only with 40 sheets and 20 envelopes for about $10. Only one of these I found nice enough to purchase
Dollar Tree- these sets, if you can find them, are nice but with thin paper
Target- I found one very pink set for around $7. The only down side is that it only has 20 sheets and 20 envelopes
Anyone else know of any other brick and mortar store that has letter sets and are a national chain?


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